As another year ends, we have new faces joining our Guerilla family and familiar faces that have been with us since early on.

We marvel at how we’ve managed to fit in all those successes and fantastic results into just twelve months, knowing what you have given of yourselves to achieve this. From getting up early in the morning for our day shift, staying active referring to our night shift team, and the commitment you give to one another and not to forget; to yourself as well.

As some of you may or may not know, we officially started our business in 2020 having gained our first employee and our first client that year.

2020                                                       2021                                       2022

First Client                                          10 Clients                            30 Clients

First Employee                                 30 Employees                   70 Employees


With 2023 just around the corner, we are excited to share our vision of reaching 150 Employees for this year coming.

Our Vision for 2023

  • We have a vision for our Staff to gain long term employment opportunities with us.
  • We are passionate about building a positive, inclusive, and respectful workplace for all.
  • We are vigilant in partnering with clients who will treat their staff with kindness.

We are launching GUERILLA CLUBS

Starting a new job or to help building friendships within your teams and groups, joining clubs outside of work help build up confidence, productivity, and a refresh!


We are launching Employee Activities

We all love donuts.

We are looking forward to some employee engagement activities, where we can all share a laugh and bond over even little enjoyments.


We are now online with Sprout HR

We want things to be easier, automated, and paperless this year. Our new system for handling all your Attendance, Leave, Overtime, Payroll etc.  Your clients will also be able to access this system, and directly see and approve your requests.


Bringing color into our Office Space

We are super excited and have been working on some concepts to bring some life into our work environment for our staff to feel more inspired and productive. Stay tuned!


We are separating the Bathrooms

This one explains itself. Now everyone can feel more comfortable going to the bathroom.

  • BPO 1 will be for the Females
  • BPO 2/3 will be for the Males


That’s a wrap for 2022 – we want to thank all our staff for their dedication and support our growth this year, to our clients who make the decision to partner with us, to all our partners who contributed to making this year a successful one for Guerilla. We look forward to growing more with every single one of you.


This 2022 it has become somewhat of a popular topic or some can even say a trend in TikTok about “quiet quitting”, this has raised a nationwide discussion among Gen Z, millennials, even as far as directly within the BPO Industry, where business owners, HR Manager and Recruiters are discussing the pro’s and con’s of quiet quitting. 

Quiet quitting has reached a level of performing the required minimum of the job while not aiming to go above and beyond the job description. There is no initiative to do more in a task or project and employees are seen as becoming inactive or withdrawing from the culture of the company. Quiet quitting can affect the relationship between the teams and the employer and the culture of the company.  

Quiet quitting can be started by giving employees a bunch of tasks that are not supposed to be in the job role or mandatory and unpaid overtime and sometimes a workplace that is not dynamic. Another reason is also not offering exciting benefits and perks, or lacking in career growth and promotions. 

At this moment, most job seekers realize that they don’t need a company that has a toxic culture. Most millennials and gen Z prioritize mental health over a higher salary. In the end, the employees just want a place where they will be accepted, valued and have room to grow at their own pace, in a supportive and nurturing environment. 


Going for a job hunt could be difficult and also discouraging for some. When looking for a new company to pursue our career with, we are usually very careful and vigilant. And that is totally normal and we have the right to do so. Looking out for red flags in companies is a fundamental step in every job seekers textbook. However, we shouldn’t be too engrossed with the negatives. Instead, let’s look out for the factors that potential companies have gotten right. At the end of the day, every organization is different. Take a look at these 4 positive indicators that can tell you a lot about a job, team, or company.

  1. Company values align with your personal values

Nothing feels better than working for a company that values the same things you do. Be it their core values or the clients that they work with, finding common ground with your future company is a great way to start things off. 

  1. 99.99% Work-life balance

One of, if not, the most crucial in a career is a healthy work-life balance. It’s not so much about splitting your time 50/50 between work and leisure but making sure you feel fulfilled and productive in both areas of your life. Plus, maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and helps prevent burnout in the workplace. With a culture driven by a healthy work-life balance, productivity and performance will come naturally.

  1. Organizational Culture

Part of work-life balance also should be applied within the company itself. Of course, it’s not always ”work work work”, there will be times where employers should engage with their employees—whether through a simple gathering for a slice of pizza and coke, or checking on how your day is, even simply saying “good job” whatever that might be, as a company, it’s a way to show appreciation and/or acknowledgement to their employees. It’s the little things that count. After all, big things often have small beginnings.

  1. Great Leadership

Every team needs a good leader to strive towards success. And what better way than to have upper-management roles that have a good relationship with the employees. Meetings with the supervisors and team members are not only for professional matters but also in a more casual and interactive manner helps tremendously with the leadership culture of the organization.


A big shout out and thank you to our growing Guerilla family. This would not have been possible without all the talented professionals that have joined our company over the last two years, or the exceptional clients that we have had the privilege to partner with since our beginnings in June, 2020.

On the 26th June, we celebrated our staff with a fun #GuerillaWarriorsRetreatTeamBuilding event ⚔️ to keep our Guerilla family feeling refreshed, motivated and to bond with one another outside of the office environment. 

We believe in always evolving our company culture and seek out fun and unique ways to bring everyone together under one roof, united as the Guerilla family 💛

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