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6 Proven Habits to Boost Your Productivity at Work

What is the biggest challenge you have ever experienced while working? 

Most likely, it involves forcing yourself to remain focused and have a productive day even when you don’t really feel to do so, right?

In fact, we always make it a point to cross things off our to-do list before the day ends, but when we look back, we realized we haven’t accomplished much. That’s when we start to question ourselves what we were doing for the entire eight hours on duty and why we still have too many things on our plates.

Reasons may include distractions, stress, or just a lack of motivation, only you, yourself know. But in the end, it still comes down to your habits.

So if you are someone who craves a change, we prepared 6 Proven Habits to Boost Your Productivity at Work so you can make the most out of your time.


  • Declutter and organize your workspace

Did you know that being organized can increase your overall effectiveness at work? Some studies claimed that an organized person only experiences lower stress levels, has a more improved work quality and has a higher confidence level. So, what’s stopping you from being organized? Take a moment to sort out your workspace after you arrive at work, so you can have easy access to everything you need throughout the day. 


  • Plan your day in advance by knowing which tasks to prioritize.

One of the most effective habits you can adopt to boost your productivity is to plan how you’re going to spend your day. Remember that we are the ones who control our time. Consider taking a few minutes to map out your schedule, rank your tasks in order of importance, and set realistic goals for what you want to accomplish. This will help you stay focused and make the most of it.


  • Set small, concrete tasks.

After ranking your task according to importance, you can now start working on them one by one. It may appear a little bit overwhelming at first but when you try breaking them down into smaller tasks, you’ll be amazed at how capable you are. Doing this can change your overall view of your workload.


  • Take regular breaks.

Working is good but working for long hours without taking breaks can decrease the quality of your work. Breaks are essential to freshen up our minds and recharge so that we can avoid the feeling of burnout and mental fatigue. There are many productivity methods that you can adopt, and one of these is the 10 minutes-break rule. The 10 minutes-break rule is basically taking a 10-minute break every 2 hours of working, this is something that we practice here at Guerilla Staffing Solutions. 


  • Turn off unnecessary notifications

Distractions are major productivity killers and it comes in different forms. It may be in the form of the internet, phones, social media, and even a person. Check your surroundings and as much as possible try to reduce the distractions, such as keeping your phone out of your reach, turning off your notifications for a set period of time each day, and blocking out external noises that can divert your attention with your headset.


  • Take care of yourself

Establish a routine. Staying effective at work also requires taking care of oneself. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. You can also incorporate some exercise or stretching into your day to help you stay focused and energized, this will help you stay on track and avoid getting derailed.


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