Which type of company is right for me
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Which type of company is right for me?

Applying to jobs isn’t just about the role, it’s about the company aligning with your personal values and the culture fit. ⁠ Startups and corporate companies both act very differently and are better suited to different individuals.⁠



  • Lots of perks.
    Most large companies can offer a range of insurance options. This includes not only different options for medical insurance, but also supplemental insurance.
  • Stability.
    While any company can find themselves on the wrong side of the economy, large companies tend to be stable.


  • Hard to Get Ahead.
    Working for a large company also means you work with a lot of people. This means that there is competition everywhere.
  • You’re Just a Number.
    Of course, a large company is big. You knew that going in. But, what you may not have realized is th



  • Lots of Opportunities.
    At a small company, you’ll likely wear a lot of different hats, which will expose you to a lot of aspects of the business and teach you a range of skills you may not have had a chance to learn otherwise.
  • Community.
    In many small companies, there is a feeling of community and the chance to develop deep relationships.


  • Limited resources & training.
    Since the company is still starting up, the opportunities for training may be limited at first, and the internal resources as well, which means you will have to get creative in how you will learn and expand your expertise. 
  • Unknown culture.
    A small company is still figuring its in’s and out’s for its working environment so the culture may be a bit rocky at first until a baseline has been established, so if you are there from day one be sure to contribute to a positive culture environment and ensure others follow your positive path.

Choosing to work for a large or small company is a personal choice. But, knowing the pros and cons can help you decide which type of company is right for you and your career.