What you’ll get

Our top priority is YOU – your health, your rewards, and your success. Here at Guerilla, expect that
we go above and beyond to provide you with unparalleled benefits and opportunities.

Your well-being is a priority

We are strictly implementing no-work-related stuff during the day off and leaves. You work only 8 hours per day and 5 days a week, allowing you to manage your work-life balance.

Advance training opportunities

Get an opportunity to travel to your client’s country, experience working with them in real-time, and acquire new skills needed to perform your job effectively

Modern and advance equipment

We give you the advance equipment, and internet reimbursement. We’ve created our offices to be enjoyable places to connect and build a bond with everyone.

Competitive salary and allowances

We acknowledge your expertise, skills, and dedication, which is why we strive to provide you with financial stability and peace of mind.

Leave your mark

We prepare socially responsible activities where you can take part and make a positive impact on our work environment.

HMO (+1 free dependent)

Enjoy the convenience and a range of medical treatments, all tailored to meet your unique needs. We understand the importance of ensuring the well-being of not just yourself but also your loved ones.

Generous leave policies

Whether you need time off for emergencies, sickness, and personal matters, we’ve got you covered. Our leave policies ensure that you have the flexibility and freedom to take the time you need, without compromising your professional commitments.

Promotional opportunities

We nurture and recognize talent, providing you with a clear path to achieve your career aspirations. Be fulfilled with financial, professional, and personal growth.

Rewards, awards & milestone tokens

We celebrate your moments and achievements together. From certificates to personalized tokens, these awards symbolize our admiration for your hard work and commitment.

Employees’ complimentary

Aside from comfortable offices and spaces, we provide you with onsite parking and unlimited coffee and tea beverages.

Easy clock-in and clock-out

We use Sprout HR, making your Clock-in/out accessible on your mobile phone. Making it easy for you to get your client’s approval for your OT, undertime, and schedule adjustment with ease.

Your contributions are ensured

Your monthly contributions are secured and are always processed on time.

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